WWE Reportedly Issuing ‘Violations’ For Social Media Posts Naming Third Parties

Here we go again: according to a new report, WWE is issuing “violations” to talent who name third party businesses, people, brand or charities. Wrestling Inc reports that WWE is claiming ownership of talent Twitter and Instagram accounts via a contract clause that gives WWE exclusive use of their likenesses.

The news is the latest in a ongoing saga that started back in September when WWE began restricting talent from working with third party platforms like Twitch and Cameo. That caused several stars to have to shut down their Twitch accounts and ultimately led to Zelina Vega being released from the company back in November after she continued to stream Twitch and also opened an OnlyFans account for her cosplay photos.

According to the site, violations start with a warning, followed by a fine and then finally suspension. It is not clear exactly how restrictive this is — i.e., if this is just in relation to sponsored posts that can earn the talent money, or if it goes beyond that. It was noted that it’s been made clear to those talent who have complained that the current “flexibility” that has been allowed in posts on social media could be retracted by WWE.

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