WWE News: Randy Orton Falls Prey to Alexa Bliss’ Curse on Raw, Riddle vs. John Morrison Clip

– Randy Orton found himself subjected to a Contagion spell on Raw, as he appeared affected by Alexa Bliss’ dark magic during a promo. Tonight’s show saw Orton give a promo backstage in which he ranted about Bliss costing him last week’s Gauntlet match, which prevented him from being the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match on Raw and may have thus cost him the WWE Championship.

Orton said that his issue is with Bliss and her segment from last week in which she appeared in a pentagram and did an apparent curse was shown. It looks like Orton took all week but failed his Constitution saves, as he started to spit up a black substance before he staggered away. You can see the segment below:

– WWE also posted a clip from the Riddle vs. John Morrison match, which saw the US Champion pick up the victory:

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