WWE News: Kofi Kingston Responds to Mustafa Ali’s Attack on Xavier Woods, Sheamus vs. Miz & Morrison Clips

– Kofi Kingston saw Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION’s attack on Xavier Woods on Raw, and posted a new video responding to Ali. Tonight’s RAW saw Woods beat SLAPJACK, only to get attacked by Ali and RETRIBUTION. Ali told Woods to deliver a message to Kofi Kingston that he was taking Kingston’s spot in the Royal Rumble.

Kofi noted that he’d watched Raw and was more concerned about RETRIBUTION’s attack on Woods than the message Ali had for him. He called Ali a coward and asked what Ali thought was going to happen back when he got injured and Kofi took his spot. He ended up being the person to replace Ali and he’s not going to apologize, saying Ali should blame himself for his shortcomings and not being able to accomplish his own goals. He noted he blamed himself for 11 years for not getting the Championship, but he didn’t blame other people and didn’t go the route of cowardice. Kofi said that Ali crossed the line and he’s going to come back, and he has a feeling they’re going to war.

– WWE posted the clips of Sheamus’ matches with John Morrison and then Miz and Morrison in a handicap match, which you can see below:

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