WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Update on Carmella Following Dive at Royal Rumble, More NXT Video Highlights

– During today’s edition of After the Bell, host Corey Graves commented on Sasha Banks vs. Carmella, where Banks successfully defended her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Also, Graves addressed the rough looking spot where Carmella went for a suicide dive on Banks. While Banks caught Carmella, she still appeared to land on the floor face first. Graves said the following on his real-life girlfriend (via Fightful), who he said is doing alright and “still kicking”:

“Yes, I’m biased, but I enjoyed the hell out of Sasha Banks and Carmella. I think since Carmella has come back, she has stepped up her game. I know for a fact that she’s studying harder than ever, training harder than ever, I think it’s starting to pay off. Anyone watching when that dive happened and Carmella went sailing through the bottom rope, and I believe it’s known as a scorpion –that’s what my kids call it when we watch fail videos [and] when somebody’s feet hit the back of their head– it was not a good time. She landed face-first and I’m pretty sure she kicked herself in the back of the head. She was a little banged up but she’s still alive, she’s still kicking, she’ll be alright.”

You can view a clip of the spot in question from the match below:

– WWE released the following video highlights for last night’s NXT:

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