WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Press Conference

Catch the reaction and fallout from WWE Clash at the Castle as Superstars step to the podium in Cardiff, Wales.
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00:00 Stream Start
02:08 Triple H
07:11 Roman Reigns
09:43 Seth Rollins, Liv Morgan, Gunther
16:38 Drew McIntyre & Tyson Fury
24:05 Triple H


32 thoughts on “WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Press Conference

  1. For me, WWE should have Monday Night Raw after Clash At The Castle in the years to come. UK fans are just so f***ing amazing.

  2. I appreciate this management 🤣🤣make other all people stopped,I note one year and 6 month roman always cheat and win , beacuse management,why again again match roman ??if not want other win megement,, just only say roam you chempion ,then other people match not roman, but why why kidding people why ???wast people Time???

  3. The PPV was very good, just not liking the commercials between matches, too much filler.. 3 hours should be enough. Also this press conference is almost like the media scrums of AEW

  4. The Gunther part was cool. He at least acted a little different. But for most part it just reminded me of the fake Hogan/Andre press conference…okay, I listened more and Seth had some cool moments of salience too. I stand corrected. Roman was kinda dumb though. Would’ve been cool to see him break kayfabe a bit

  5. Look at how professional and feel-good this is compared to the All Out scrum. Triple H coming across like an actual, respectable boss and not letting the roster walk all over him. Do you really think anyone would dare go on an unrelated rant and start eating cakes under his watch? Tony Khan needs to stop being a fanboy or bring someone Triple H in to deal with talent.

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