World Series Preview: Who is better at each position between the Phillies and Astros??

Who is better at each position between the Phillies and Astros? We break down where each team stands in terms of the better players at each position for World Series!

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48 thoughts on “World Series Preview: Who is better at each position between the Phillies and Astros??

  1. The Astros weren’t worried about Hoskins. There’s a reason that they never gave into Schwarber or Harper because of the guys that hit behind them. JT got every pitch he could see but blew his whole load in GM 1. If you could start an inning off with either Schwarber or Harper, the Astros knew they could get through the lineup unharmed. Schwarber was Phillies most playoff experienced player and the only one that made those last 2 games interesting.

  2. i want the Phillies and have them sweeping the Astros, but you just know in this modern/Politically Correct climate where it's bad to be white now, you know Dusty Baker is going to win it, because he's black, if people haven't noticed by now, sports and politics always converge, this series isn't about the teams, notice it's about "Dusty Baker" and it makes me sick, let the teams play, enough of agendas

  3. Houston may have had the best starting and relief pitching all year long, but with Nola, Wheeler, and their hitting, it's hard to count Philly out. My prediction, however, is Astros in 6.

  4. Manfred and the MLB should have rigged and purposely set up a Yankees vs Dodgers matchup for the World Series. They failed and missed a golden opportunity to increase the tv ratings for the biggest stage of the season.

  5. Post season is different from regular season. The hottest bats in post season vs the most dominant pitching in post season. Remember Philly been outbatting every one and the Astros are recording ridiculous amounts of strikeouts 50 of those came just in 4 games with the Yankees

  6. Bryce harper has been in beast mode this postseason. He's been incredible. He's signed to a massive deal which actually He's only making 25 or 26 million a year which isn't really that much for a star hitter and the face of a franchise which he is. Bryce is an exciting player and I believe he's got a shot at 600 plus homers and 3000 plus hits in his time with the Phillies. I think he's gonna Have a huge, I mean huge world series, he's gonna hit 5 or 6 homers I think, with a 400 batting average.

  7. League leaders were Dodgers, Houston, Yankees, Atlanta. After thoughts were Guardians, Padres, Mariners, Phillies. So if the Padres beat/whooped the best team in baseball the Dodgers and the Phillies beat/whooped the Padres, then end of discussion. It's pretty obvious underestimating your opponent never works case and point the Phillies. So the team with the most resilience, desire, heart, cojones or whatever adjective you'd like to use will win the World Series. Everything else at this point is out the window. I was rooting for the Yankees and Phillies. One out of two ain't bad. Go Phillies!

  8. Chas has come a long way from splitting CF with Siri/Meyer to being mostly him now in the playoffs. He changed from always trying to pull the ball to going oppo, hopefully he keeps it up in the WS and onto next season! He still strikes out a bit, but keep up the clutch work.

  9. This video is incorrectly named "who is better at each position"; it mostly shows wich position player is the better (power) hitter in the postseason so far. The only players that actually have a clip involving their fielding skills are Jose Altuve and Kyle Tucker (and the Astros pitchers).

  10. Bro people are seriously underestimating the Phillies so hard it’s actually pathetic yes it’s obvious the astros pitching is better and other positions but the Phillies have been on absolute fire in the postseason I’m telling y’all they’re gonna surprise people

  11. This series I think will go a full seven and be a very very entertaining series, the Phillies I believe will win in extras in the seventh game. But, with the Astros verlander doesn't pitch well in the world series, plus altuve who usually is a spark plug for the Astros has only like one or two hits this whole postseason. I think Bryce harper is worth every single penny of that 13 year contract Philly signed him to in 2019, he came up big to get them to the world series.

  12. Phillies have a chance but Astros are much stronger on paper and have home field so should win the series. Main question is how many games. Most likely 6 of 7. I think Phillies will do whatever it takes so that Astros don't celebrate in their park.

  13. I guess we will see MLB. Philly loves an underdog. They were not supposed to beat any of the teams they face. Also, Wheeler is better than Verlander.

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