Willie Mack Wants Impact Crossover Matches With Shingo Takagi & Eddie Kingston

Willie Mack was recently interviewed on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, and he discussed a variety of topics, including wanting crossover matches with Shingo Takagi and Eddie Kingston.

Here’s what Mack had to say about both wrestlers and his reasoning for wanting them in a match (via Fightful):

“Hell yes, there’s a bunch of people I’d like to wrestle. Shingo [Takagi] because Shingo was a match that I wanted when I went over to Dragon Gate but I didn’t know that was his last time in Dragon Gate before he went to New Japan. So hopefully we can run that match because I only wrestled him in like a multi-man tag match.”

“In AEW there’s a few people. I’d like to work with [Brian] Cage again. Take that back. Eddie Kingston. I’ve yet to wrestle that dude and I’ve known him for so many years. I’m like, ‘Eddie when we going to have a match?’ [Immitating Kingston] ‘Man I know, you need to tell these promoters something.’ I’m like, ‘I ain’t got no pull fool. You’ve been in the business longer than me, you should say something, they’ll listen to you.’”

Mack will team with Josh Alexander and Trey Miguel on tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling to take on the trio of Chris Bey, Ace Austin, and Black Taurus.

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