Will Hobbs on Signing With AEW, the Origin of His Last Name

Will Hobbs appeared on the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted and discussed signing with the company, the origin of his ring name and more. The show sent us some highlights, which you can check out below along with the full audio:

On signing with AEW: “Right after I did my whole little thing with [Jon Moxley], I got to the back and had another contract waiting for me, so I got on the phone and called a few people back at home. When I got back to the hotel—I’m not a real emotional person—but I had to shed a few tears.”

On his ring name: “My actual last name isn’t Hobbs. It’s close to that, so I had people growing up calling me ‘Hobbs.’ I’m a big Spider-Man fan, and I used to have people call me ‘Will Hobgoblin.’”

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