Wardlow On Who Focuses on Psychology Over Spots in AEW, Learning From Billy Gun

Wardlow was a guest on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio and discussed which guys in AEW use psychology over spots, what producers he’s learned from and more. The AEW star discussed how Adam Page and MJF are very thorough in how they think through the mindset of matches as opposed to some other guys who focus on big spots that draw attention. You can check out the highlights below:

Wardlow on if psychology is ever discussed in AEW over big spots: “Depends on who you’re working with. So there’s been — now obviously, as you guys know I haven’t had a great amount of matches. So the ones I have been involved with, there’s been some individuals where it’s just like, ‘All right, we got this spot, we got this spot, we got this spot.’ Then there’s some guys that I’ve worked with that really, really take their time and ponder and really think about things and how to make sense.

“And Adam Page was one that I was really impressed by. The way he just dissected things and wanted everything to just make sense and click. And I really appreciated that. And that’s one thing about Max [MJF]. Max is big, BIG big big on psychology and storytelling. And I’ve witnessed Max come into situations where people are talking about hitting spot after spot after spot. And Max comes in and is like, ‘Guys, that makes no sense.’ So one thing about Max is, obviously you guys know, we all know, he gets it. And that’s why he is so successful at such a young age. So I do appreciate when Max comes in and says let’s tell a story. Let’s make this make sense. Because I appreciate that as well.”

Wardlow on what producers he’s learned the most from: “Oh man. I’ve kind of ran through them all a little bit. So Billy and I talked probably the most when I first started. Billy gave me an incredible amount of feedback, and was always tweaking things and telling me how to adjust little things that I do or don’t do. So, Billy Gunn really took me under his wing. But I’ve had a lot of really great conversations with Jerry Lynn. Who’s just an incredible person to begin with, but he’s very helpful. Dean Malenko was great. And then, a lot of Cody and QT that helped me a lot as well. But I guess the answer would be the person I most talked to was Billy Gunn.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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