Vitor Belfort Wants To Fight Chris Jericho, Puts Him On His List

In an interview with South China Morning Post, MMA fighter Vitor Belfort said that he would like a fight with Chris Jericho, but Jericho later replied on Twitter that he doesn’t even know who Belfort is.

Belfort said: “With myself being with ONE, and on the same network, I think it’s time for [AEW CEO] Tony Khan to give me Jericho, and I can whip Jericho’s butt. We can really make that fight happen. I think this is what the audience wants, we can draw a lot of audience for AEW and ONE. It’s time to cross promote and bring these two together. ONE has a lot of top athletes, including myself, and we can make some big fights in both.It’s gonna be phenomenal. Think about me and Chris Jericho doing a ONE fight and going over there, imagine how many fans wanna see that – him making his debut in ONE, and me making my debut in AEW. He’s ‘The Phenom’ in wrestling. He’s a very tough guy. He’s an animal. I wanna do things that really will shake the market. I know I’m not a kid any more, but I wanna create legendary fights – me and Chris Jericho is a legendary thing. It’s a one in a lifetime. I’ve not yet talked to [ONE chairman] Chatri [Sityodtong]. I’m just thinking out loud. When you say AEW, I think of him [Jericho], so it’s time to make that collision with both phenoms of both sports, it will benefit both events.

After Jericho asked who Belfort was on Twitter, the ONE fighter replied: “You just made the list! Don’t run away.

Jericho added: “I’m right here in Jacksonville, kid. Come see me anytime.

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