Vince McMahon Reportedly Insisted On Goldberg Using The Jackhammer Last Year, Goldberg Regrets Jackhammer Used On Undertaker

In an interview with Fox Sports, Goldberg said that if he could take one Jackhammer back from his career, it would be the one against the Undertaker where he dropped him on his head.

He said: “100 percent. 100 percent. And what people don’t understand about that is that, you know, people b—- and moan about me hurting myself prior to getting into the ring and bleeding and gigging myself. Hey, man, I do that for y’all. They don’t understand. I do that for them because I have to do something beyond human belief to get myself into the “Goldberg Zone.” And if they think … here I am caring about what people say … but what could be the other reason for that happening other than me trying to get in that zone to provide them with the best character humanly possible? Unfortunately, I knocked myself kind of silly that night and then hitting the turnbuckle and that post, ripping my head open, I didn’t know what was going on. My equilibrium was completely off. Whatever. Anyway, it’s that one.

Fightful Select reports that Goldberg was hesitant to do a Jackhammer during their match last year, as his shoulder was banged up. Wyatt agreed to just use a spear, but Vince McMahon insisted that the Hall of Famer use the Jackhammer, which is what happened. Goldberg’s approach seems to be to just do what is asked of him by the company, according to sources, which is why he didn’t ad lib during a recent promo with Drew McIntyre that caused it to come off awkwardly.

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