Various News: The Rock Promotes Energy Drink On CNBC, Match Added to GCW Fight Forever, John Cena Posts A Picture Of A Watch

– The Rock appeared on CNBC earlier today to promote his new energy drink, which will officially launch in March. He posted a clip of the appearance on Instagram and wrote:

Thank you Wall Street, trade and consumers for your @zoaenergy🍃excitement

And thank you @CNBC for having us on and giving us the opportunity to speak about our highly anticipated new energy drink @zoaenergy🍃 hitting the market in March.

ZOA is the WORLD’S FIRST HEALTHY energy drink to offer our one of a kind formulation of vitamins, immunity support and super foods + 160mgs (cup 1/2 of coffee) of natural caffeine from green tea extracts and UNROASTED green coffee beans.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and can’t wait for you to enjoy!!! 🙏🏾🤙🏾


– John Cena also posted to Instagram, sharing a photo of a watch for some reason.

– GCW has announced a match between Mad Man Pondo and Jeff Cannonball for Fight Forever, which happens on January 30.

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