Various News: Terry Funk Comments On AEW’s Deathmatch Announcement, Eric Bischoff Jokes About WCW’s Demise

– Terry Funk has heard about AEW’s planned exploding barbed wire match for AEW Revolution, and he shared his thoughts about it. The match is set to feature Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega and will take place for the AEW World Title. The person who manages Funk’s Twitter account wrote:

“Just talked to Mr. Funk & he’s doing okay. He just wanted to wish @JonMoxley & @KennyOmegamanX the best of luck in their exploding barbed wire match. He says the match is a good way for @aew to wake up Vince with a good kick in his ass. He wants you to know he’s pulling for you!”

– Eric Bischoff continues to show a sense of humor about WCW’s demise. When a fan noted the similarites between Billy Zane in Titanic and Bischoff, asking if the latter could have gotten a role in the film, Bischoff wrote:

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