UPDATED: More Details On Paul Wight Signing With AEW, Reaction for WWE & AEW Rosters

UPDATE: Fightful Select released story with additional details on AEW signing Paul Wight, aka former WWE Superstar Big Show. According to the report, the WWE talents Fightful spoke to had no idea that Big Show was leaving, and there wasn’t a lot in the way of “goodbyes.”

Additionally, Fightful stated that multiple WWE higher-ups commented that they became aware that Big Show would no longer be with WWE in any capacity this month.

With regards to AEW talents, multiple wrestlers reportedly did not know Big Show was getting signed. Also, they stated that they were excited to learn from the former WWE and WCW World champion.

One source who is reportedly close to Wight said they believed a major career move was happening for the wrestler, as Wight has had some “major life events” in recent months. These include selling his house, the recent expiration of his WWE contract, and the August 2020 cancellation of his Netflix sitcom, The Big Show Show, which was co-produced by WWE Studios.

ORIGINAL:As we reported earlier today Paul Wight, fka The Big Show, has signed a multi-year contract with AEW and will not only be wrestling, but will serve in a commentary role. PWInsider has more details on what led to Show deciding to leave WWE and join up with the competition.

According to the report, Wight was unable to come to terms financially with WWE and his last contract with the company expired last month. This followed a segment in which Randy Orton mocked him for being ‘retired’ on the January 4 episode of RAW. Wight was said to be “very open” about being unhappy with his status in WWE. WWE did not announce his exit, but quietly moved the former WWE World champion to the Alumni section on February 19.

Paul Wight has been a part of WWE since February 1999, where he debuted as the Big Show at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. At the time, he signed a ten-year contract. Outside of a brief hiatus from late 2006 to early 2008, he has been in the company. His last big match in WWE was a surprise challenge to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, which was taped after Wrestlemania 36 “went off the air” and aired the next night on RAW.

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