UPDATED: Britt Baker Reacts to Getting AEW Action Figure, Will Be Single Pack With 2-Pack On the Way

UPDATE: If you thought Britt Baker’s AEW action figure being packaged with Cody was odd…well, so did Britt. Baker took to Twitter to react to Jeremy Padawer’s announced that her action figure would be part of a two-pack with Cody Rhodes and she was not pleased, writing:


I guess they know those Cody figures aren’t gonna sell any other way! #ROLEMODEL”

Padawer has since said that the two-pack was a joke, confirming that it will be a single pack and that Baker will get a ringside two-pack later this year:


Is Dr. Baker getting a figure?
– Yes.

Is Dr. Baker getting 2 figures?
– Yes.
– Waiting Room 2 pack.
– Unmatched Series 1.

Is this a troll?
– No.

Will @AEW have a deep bench of figures?
– Yes.

– Yes. Soon.

We played an elaborate joke on Britt today, but, never worry, Dr. Britt Baker’s upcoming single pack figures are very real… AND…

While there won’t be a 2 pack with Cody, there will be a Ringside Dr. Britt Baker 2 pack later this year!

ORIGINAL: Britt Baker is finally getting her first action figure in AEW, and the first look at it has been revealed. Jeremy Padawer of Wicked Cool Toys’ has shared the look at the figure for Baker, which will be of a two-pack alongside Cody Rhodes.

You can see the pics in the below tweet. It is part of AEW’s Unmatched line:

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