UPDATED: AEW Unrivaled Series 4 Action Figure Lineup Announced, Britt Baker Reacts

UPDATE: Britt Baker took to Twitter to offer her reaction to not being included in the AEW Unrivaled Series 4 action figure lineup, noting her excitement for another Cody figure.

“LOLLL. Thank God we got another Cody in the works! I was worried,” Baker wrote.

ORIGINAL: Jazwares’ Jeremy Padawer announced the lineup for Series 4 of the AEW Unrivaled action figure series. You can see the lineup below:

* Santana
* Ortiz
* Matt Hardy
* Dustin Rhodes
* Kenny Omega
* Sammy Guevara

This will be the first time Santa, Ortiz, and Guevara have received action figures. This will also be the first AEW action figure for Matt Hardy

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