Update on WWE’s Planned Move to New Headquarters, No Timeline Official Yet

WWE’s planned move to a new headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut is still planned, though the company is keeping quiet on when that might be. The Stamford Advocate published a piece looking at the company’s longstanding plans to move its physical headquarters into a new and updated office facility, away from the Titan Towers that have stood as their headquarters since 1985.

The company noted in their Q4 and Year-End financial report that it intends to move forward with the relocation to the Washington Blvd. facility, though no timeline is official yet. When the outlet reached out, a spokesman said, “we will get back to you once we have an updated timeline to share.”

The move was expected to take place early this year when it was announced back in 2019, but WWE said last April that they would defer spending for at least six months on the buildout of the new headquarters due to the pandemic. Once WWE has moved, they expect to “sell our owned and operated corporate facility, exit our leased spaces and will evaluate options for our television production studio facilities based on strategic, operating and financial considerations,” per the financial report.

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