Update on Tessa Blanchard Potentially Going To AEW

Tessa Blanchard has been a free agent since leaving IMPACT Wrestling on June 25th 2020. There were reports of Blanchard being racially abuse to talent in her past, and Tessa addressed these in an Instagram post back in September.

“I’ve been away for a while” Tessa Blanchard wrote last year. “The main reason for that is to focus on my wedding & honeymoon. The past few months I’ve gotten back to the basics & been focusing on the relationships I have with family, friends & myself.”

“Racist? That’s not me” Blanchard continued. “That’s never been me, I don’t have a history of being that way, I don’t have a history of using that language & that’s the end of it, it’s just not who I am. & I’m tired of being called & my family seeing me be called something so hateful.”

Tessa Blanchard To AEW?

It has been rumored since Blanchard left IMPACT that she may be going to either AEW or WWE/NXT. On the AEW side, commentator Tony Schiavone indicated that there’s no talks in place currently.

Speaking on the AEW Dynamite post-show, Schiavone said “I don’t think that’s happening.” That was specifically when Schiavone was asked if he had any knowledge of AEW wanting to sign Tessa Blanchard. “At least not anytime soon. I would have heard that [if she’s coming over].”

With Tessa’s past it may be more likely that WWE would be interested in signing her. WWE have shown through prior dealings that they are more inclined to take on talented individuals with potentially problematic pasts.

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