Undertaker On Make-A-Wish Work Being a Career Highlight, Why He Hasn’t Done More

Like many WWE stars, the Undertaker has been involved in Make-A-Wish and he discussed the experience in a new interview. Taker spoke with TMZ promoting his and WWE’s partnership with Omaze for a sweepstakes that runs through next Wednesday, with the winner earning a trip to WWE Performance Center and more.

You can donate money to the sweepstakes to get entries, with the money going to Make-A-Wish. You can find out more about it here, and highlights and the video from the interview are below:

On his sweepstakes with Omaze: “The sweepstakes winner will get a trip to Orlando, and then they’ll meet me at the WWE Performance Center. So basically they’re going to get a private tour of the Performance Center with me as their tour director. So we’ll go through the processes, and we’ll go through the gym. We’ll go through the athletic department, the medical department. You’ll see everything, what the guys are going through right now to become that next era of superstar.

But then — stop right there. So you’ll get to see the inner workings of what’s going on in Orlando, but then we’re going to take the winner and we’re going to sit down and their own personal ring entrance. So, they’re gonna tell me ‘Okay well I wanna do this, I like this.’ So they’re gonna get to pick my mind, pick my brain, ya know — and I know a little about entrances. So we’ll sit there and formulate their own personal WWE ring entrance, and then they’ll get to do that entrance.”

On why he hasn’t done more Make-A-Wishes: “If it hadn’t been for the character and all the ways we’ve [depicted him], it would have been even higher than [40].”

On working with Make-A-Wish: “It puts things in perspective in your own life when you get to interact with these children, and you know what they’re going through. And man, to see the smiles on their faces? Not to sound cliché but I tell you what, it will put you on point. Because it makes you realize how blessed you are and it’s just a thrill. It really has been one of the highlights in my career working with Make-A-Wish.”

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