Triple H on Live Fans Returning for WrestleMania 37: ‘Our Heartbeat Is in the Stands’

– Speaking to Sports Illustrated, WWE EVP of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H commented on the plan to have live fans in attendance for WrestleMania 37 later this April. Triple H addressed that they haven’t made any ticket or capacity announcements yet because they are still working on the safety protocol in light of the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to Triple H, they plan on sharing those details soon. Below are some highlights.

Triple H on not yet having any ticket sale announcements: “For us, it’s all about the safety protocol. That’s why we haven’t been able to make ticket announcements or even share the capacity yet. The world is not the same as it was one year ago, and we’re trying to bring an event that is safe but also very special.”

Triple H on having live fans for a WWE event for the first time in a while: “Our heartbeat is in the stands. We are so different from other sports. In some sports, you’re trying to tune out that noise, like turning off that exterior stimulus when you’re shooting free throws. For us, it’s all about their excitement. We’re the only sport where we’re engaging them to make more noise. It’s all about their participation. It’s hard for me to think of last year’s show in the Performance Center as WrestleMania. Some spectacular moments happened, but that wasn’t the spectacle we were used to. Before last year, could you imagine doing a WrestleMania without fans? We do what we do because of our fan base. I’ll revel in the opportunity just to have some fans there. This year, we’ll make something as special as we can, as safely as possible.”

Triple H on John Cena possibly appearing: “I won’t put words in John’s mouth, but I can speak to his passion, and it’s WWE and WrestleMania. Once you do this at a high level, and John does it at the highest, it’s very hard to put down. If there is a way for him to be there, he will be there.”

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