Trey Miguel On Why He Turned Down WWE For Impact

Trey Miguel’s former Rascalz stablemates, Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier, are now known as MSK in WWE NXT. Miguel didn’t follow them to the company, however. He returned to Impact Wrestling last week. Shortly after Dez & Wentz were signed to NXT, Triple H was asked about why Miguel was not with them during the TakeOver: War Games post-event media scrum.

“Well look, I do not want to talk about why people are or are not here, there’s obviously a lot that goes into all of that, but for me, the people that do come here, it’s seeing the heart and the passion,” Triple H said. “That’s really what it comes down to—it’s a passion business, you have to be all in.”

Following these comments, Miguel released the below Tweet:

Miguel recently appeared on Taylor Wilde’s “Wilde On” podcast and clarified his decision to turn down WWE and return to Impact Wrestling. He said that what Dez and Wentz need from wrestling right now is different from his situation.

“Zach’s married (to Kimber Lee) and Dez is engaged now and they just need wrestling in a different way than I do right now,” Miguel said. “They need it to do different things for them than I do.”

“I feel like (Impact) ran out of things to do with the Rascalz,” he continued. “There’s no need in just staying if there’s nothing to do with.”

Trey Miguel On Things He Still Wants To Do With Impact

Miguel would continue to say that while they may have run out of things for the Rascalz to do, he still feels he has things left to accomplish in the promotion on his own.

“I have ideas for Impact and I have things I want to do and things I haven’t gotten done yet,” he continued.

Miguel would continue to say that working at Impact allows him to stay home near the wrestling school he is the head trainer of. His school is called Skull Bones Professional Wrestling and Fitness.

“Impact also affords me the luxury of being able to stay home which is super-duper important to me because we have a wrestling school here and I’m one of the head trainers there.”

“I’m there every single day and I’m so close to the kids that we have there and the other trainers too and I have a lot of family here.”

Trey Miguel On Not Wanting To Move Away From Family

Miguel reiterated earlier statements regarding not wanting to move away from his family.

“Wrestling has my heart more than anything in the world but I’ve just been through so much personally that I can’t pull myself away from my family right now.”

“I have a brother that passed away in 2013,” Miguel continued. “My oldest brother just had my most recent nephew and he was born premature because his mother fell ill so they actually induced her.”

“He’s home now but he was in isolated care for two months and they named him after my late brother and I couldn’t imagine moving to f***ing Orlando, Florida a month after this little miracle, you know what I mean?”

“It’s not like if I don’t go to Orlando, I don’t get to wrestle anymore. I still get to wrestle more than anyone at NXT. I train whenever I want!”

The comments transcribed above begin around the 15-minute mark of the below podcast.

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