Top 35 NJPW YouTube Videos of 2020: Jon Moxley Comes In At #1 and 2

The 35 most-watched NJPW YouTube videos of 2020 have been revealed, with two Jon Moxley videos topping the list. Fightful compiled the list of the most-watched videos from the company on the platform, with Moxley’s attack of Minoru Suzuki at New Year’s Dash and his IWGP US Championship retention against Suzuki coming in at #1 and 2 at about 690,000 and 550,000 apiece.

Behind Moxley were EVIL’s IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion at NJPW Dominion and his joining the Bullet Club at #3 and 4. Taichi destroying Okada on night one in Sapporo! was #5, followed by KENTA attacking Naito. You can see the full list below:

1. Jon Moxley lays out Suzuki at New Year Dash (690k)
2. Moxley retains against Suzuki (550k)
3. EVIL becomes double champion (349k)
4. EVIL joins Bullet Club (342k)
5. Taichi destroys Okada (342k)
6. KENTA ruins Naito’s moment again! (334k)
7. Ospreay starts a new faction (293k)
8. Naito is coming for EVIL (257k)
9. Naito beats EVIL in Jingu (252k)
10. Naito retains at Wrestle Kingdom (212k)
11. Moxley’s kiss of death to Suzuki (196k)
12. Toru Yano steals 6-man gold (168k)
13. Shingo Takagi wins NEVER Openweight title (154k)
14. Hiromu Takahashi vs. Naito stipulation (153k)
15. KENTA holds court in Korakuen (144k)
16. Marty Scurll returns to NJPW (139k)
17. EVIL vows to send Hiromu Takahashi to hell in Nagoya! (136k)
18. Can Hiromu Takahashi make it to his title match with Ishimori? (135k)
19. King Minoru Suzuki rules the NEVER crown! (132k)
20. Ibushi still believes in Tanahashi! Can he carry GoldenAce forward? * (132k)
21. Evil and Sanada EXPLODE (120k)
22. Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada will meet at Wrestle Kingdom 15! (120k)
23. Hiromu Takahashi is back and he’s ready to play (114k)
24. Dangerous Tekkers retain, but Toru Yano makes a challenge for November 7 (113k)
25. Will Great-O-Khan Eliminate Kazuchika Okada Nov.7 at Power Struggle? (111k)
26. Naito stands tall as NJPW returns! But what about Hiromu and Shingo? (109k)
27. Hiromu and BUSHI challenge for Desperado & Kanemaru’s junior tag titles! (104k)
28. Suzuki-Gun attack Tomohiro Ishii backstage! (103k)
29. Is there a BULLET CLUB conspiracy against Jay White? (102k)
30. Kota Ibushi wins back to back G1 Climax trophies! (91k)
31. Shingo Takagi survives war with SHO, but Desperado takes the belt! (90k)
32. Kota Ibushi walks out on Hiroshi Tanahashi! is GoldenAce done? (90k)
33. King Suzuki reigns in Korakuen! But what’s next? (86k)
34. KENTA spells it all out for Naito! (86k)
35. Minoru Suzuki BRUTALIZES Shingo Takagi backstage! (86k)

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