Tony Khan Says Impact Helped Him Open the Forbidden Door In Latest Paid AEW Ad

Tony Khan has opened the forbidden door to NJPW, and he said that’s thanks to Impact in AEW’s latest paid ad on Impact Wrestling. You can see the video below, in which Khan and Tony Schiavone talk about how KENTA showed up on AEW Dynamite last week and how the so-called “forbidden door” has now been opened.

Khan says that he’s asked about the forbidden door everywhere he goes, and when NJPW will come to AEW. He didn’t know what that was at the time, but he now realizes that he is in fact the forbidden door. He said he doing the paid ads has led to him learning so much about himself and has opened himself up to new experiences. He put over the Dynamite ratings with AEW and NJPW talent, and then promoted tomorrow’s card.

Khan then said thank you to Kenny Omega and Don Callis for opening him up and changing him, thus opening the forbidden door. He says he wants to do this every week and since Impact are the ones who started this thing, he’ll show them that the forbidden door swings both ways and he’ll be in Impact again soon.

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