Tommy Dreamer On Undertaker Calling Today’s Wrestling ‘Soft,’ WWE’s Peacock Deal

Tommy Dreamer is the latest to weigh in on the Undertaker’s comments about the current wrestling product being “soft” during a media call. As you know by now, Undertaker said on the Joe Rogan Experience that he finds the current wrestling product “a little soft.” Dreamer was asked those comments and more on an Impact media call, and you can check out highlights below via Wrestling Inc:

On WWE’s deal to put WWE Network on Peacock: “I have to tell you this. Vince McMahon received a billion dollars for his product on one day, so whatever he’s doing, he’s doing better than everybody on this call. I can’t knock somebody who gets a billion dollars for their stuff. I’ve worked with Vince McMahon, I personally have no issues with Vince McMahon.”

On wrestling being a subjective form of entertainment: “There’s times where I watch WWE and I’m like, ugh. But guess what? There’s times I watch AEW, there’s times I watch Impact, and I’m like, ugh. Because we’re all different. Me and D’Lo [Brown], we could watch the same match. He could be like, ‘That was great!’ while I could be like, ‘That sucked!’ It’s different opinions.”

Over the generations, professional wrestling has evolved. Dreamer referenced watching the product of yesteryear and noted how he doesn’t think that style would work today.

On Undertaker’s comments: “To say it’s soft, listen, I watch wrestling everyday. I watch too much wrestling. I watch wrestling from the 70s, it’s on Amazon Prime called IWA. And I’m watching these guys that were main eventers and I’m saying to myself, a lot of these guys couldn’t get jobs today … It’s different. It’s different generational, and it’s different from the years. It’s just, different. And it’s okay. Every sport changes. There’s baseball players like Pete Rose and Johnny Bench, when you used to be able to slide head first. You used to be able to knockout a catcher. You do that [today], you’re out. It’s different generations of how you play the game. The game progresses because life progresses.”

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