This Week’s AEW Dark Removed From Youtube And Edited After Obscene Comment From Taz

This week’s episode of AEW Dark featured an obscene comment from Taz that eventually had to be edited out, but not before the episode was posted online.

During the entrance of Peter Avalon, Excalibur asked Taz if he ever played any instruments in high school. Taz listed various instruments, then asked Excalibur if he ever played the skin flute. After an awkward silence, Excalibur said “Jesus Christ,” and Taz replied: “They’ll have to edit that one out, I’m sorry.

The show went onto Youtube with that comment still included. Once people caught wind of the comment, AEW pulled the episode and edited out the comment. Since it was reuploaded, the view count went back down to zero, so the number it has now (71,000 at the time of this writing) is misleading.

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