The Young Bucks Get Duped, John Silver Defends His BTE Title In Newest Being The Elite (Recap)

The newest edition of Being the Elite is available, and it features The Young Bucks getting duped, John Silver defending the BTE title, and much more. Here are the highlights:

* Highlights from last week’s Dynamite, with The Young Bucks giving Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and The Good Brothers the middle finger from the back. Matt and Nick Jackson ask Omega and Gallows and Anderson what happened, and they try to calm them down. Matt and Nick eventually admit that they were lied to after Omega and Gallows and Anderson walk away.

* Matt and Nick Jackson sign cardboard cutouts for the Jaguars.

* The Dark Order discuss presents for Hangman Page, and he comes in and hears their plans. They yell at him to leave and then talk about how much they love him.

* The Bunny greets Brandon Cutler in the back, but he shakes his head after she walks away. Bunny sees it and gives him the middle finger.

* Private Party is pissed at Matt Hardy, and Hardy explains himself. He hypes their match on AEW Dark and that they should find a way to win by any means necessary.

* Kris Statlander discusses examining Griff Garrison and then abducts Brian Pillman Jr.

* Pretty Peter Avalon runs into Leva Bates in the back. They go to hug but decide not to.

* Statlander examines Pillman and asks him to read out a phrase, and he gets mad once he realizes what she’s asking him to say. She then kicks him out.

* Brandon Cutler catches Luchasaurus stealing a drink in the EVP room, then Cutler calls Luchasaurus a fossil ahead of their match on AEW Dark.

* Kip Sabian calls Leva a loser, and she admits that she let him win in their video game challenge. Sabian gets made and issues another challenge.

* John Silver retains the BTE title in a beer pong bottle cap game against Alex Reynolds.

* Matt and Nick Jackson head out to catch their flight when Hardy comes in and they discuss Hardy changing the locks. Matt and Nick think they’re getting duped again and hand over cash. Matt and Nick think they’re stupid babyfaces now.

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