The Rock On His Family’s COVID-19 Experience, Upcoming Young Rock Series

The Rock discussed his family’s experience coming down with COVID-19, his upcoming Young Rock series on NBC and more in a new interview with Cigar Aficionado. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On his family’s experience with COVID-19: “In a 24-hour period, it had spread so quickly to our nanny, our nanny’s teenage kids, her husband. Myself and my two-year-old daughter, we were the last ones standing until the very end, but of course we both tested positive. We were on the fortunate end for something that has been so traumatic to the world. We got through it.”

On the premise of his Young Rock series: “We go back and we illuminate timelines in my life, living a very on-the-go lifestyle. In the world of pro wrestling, there was such an intersection of worlds that I had, meeting professional athletes, from Muhammad Ali—my dad would spar with Ali, my dad was also a boxer, he would spar with George Foreman…You can imagine what my dinners were like, with Andre the Giant and these wrestling stars…It begins at about 10 years old, then 15 years old, and then 18 years old.”

On facing discrimination as a kid: “When I was a kid, up until I was 10, 11 years old, we were in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina. So, it was predominantly throughout the south, where racial prejudice was pretty prevalent, pretty strong.”

On his troubled time as a teenager: “That’s when I started getting arrested and getting into trouble. The dumb s**t that I was doing—from theft, fighting, truancy, skipping school—looking back I was one of those kids who was always playing angry, because of the situation that I was in. I didn’t realize it at the time.”

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