The Rock Celebrates Anniversaries Of Wrestling Debut & Hurricane Match

The Rock celebrated two wrestling anniversaries yesterday in 25 years since his debut and 18 years since his match with Hurricane Helms. The Great One took to Twitter to to comment on both, as you can see below.

Rock replied to a post by Helms talking about their famous one-on-one match on Raw which Helms won, writing:

“The pleasure was my mine, my friend. Such a fun night and we sent the people home happy (and shocked) which was a great thing!”

He also retweeted a couple of posts about his 25th anniversary of his debut, writing:

“Unreal. Not only my first ever pro wrestling match, but first time I ever wrestled in front of people
(15,000+ in Corpus Christi, Texas).
Broke as hell, willing to work hard and thought my fanny pack was cool.”

“Wow thank you for this.
3x father to all girls is the most important one.
And my fanny pack”

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