The Miz Says He’s More Comfortable Now Being the Butt of the Joke On TV

The Miz has gained a lot of confidence during his journey through WWE, and part of that is being okay with being laughed at. Miz spoke with The Wrap and discussed his angle with Bad Bunny that continued on last night’s Raw; you can check out the highlights below:

On being more comfortable with being the butt of the joke: “I used to be, like: ‘Well, Cena doesn’t ever do that. Orton doesn’t ever do that. I used to do this a lot. Now, I kind of understand. I don’t want this to sound arrogant or egotistical but I’m one of a kind. We’re all one of a kind. And just because one person doesn’t do something or another person doesn’t do this or do this or do this — doesn’t mean I can’t. I’m very versatile, where I can make you laugh, but I also can make you believe that I can whoop any single person that is in that ring at any given time. There’s a balance. I’m able to understand that balance, give that balance, and whenever I am in a serious type of situation, I’m able to make you understand that it’s serious to me. Just because I’m joking around, making you laugh, being a goof, does not mean I don’t have a serious side.”

On being confident in his abilities: “Even when I was WWE Champion, I didn’t have the confidence I have today. I know exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it. I’m probably the only person that can get away with doing any type of stuff like this. Because I’m that good at it.”

On destroying Bad Bunny’s equipment at the Rumble: “I had so many DJs last night [reach out to] me going, ‘My stomach is still hurting from that. I bet you every DJ out there was like, ‘Bad Bunny needs to learn [to] respect WWE Superstars.”

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