The Miz Reacts To WWE Championship Win at Elimination Chamber

The Miz made history during tonight’s Elimination Chamber event by cashing in his Money In The Bank contract and becoming the new WWE Champion.

WWE’s cameras caught up with the new champion after the event went off air. Sarah Schreiber tried to interview the A-Lister but he dismissed her quickly and then addressed the WWE fans.

The Miz first claimed that he is a master strategist who thinks further than anybody else in all of WWE and he doesn’t care what the people on the internet think:

“Understand that I told you so, whenever someone says I wasn’t thinking on their level, I am a master strategist, I think further than anybody else in all of WWE.

I didn’t just take respect, I demanded it through all the WWE Universe, and I could care less if everybody’s on the internet going, ‘No, Miz doesn’t deserve it, oh Miz shouldn’t be WWE Champion!’”

The Miz then mentioned the Angry Miz Girl and said that he prays that there are millions of Angry Miz Girls who are sobbing and wishing that Drew McIntyre was still their WWE champion.

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The WWE Champion ended his promo saying that we will see him at WrestleMania or at Raw, wherever he wants because he is the champion and he does whatever he wants:

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