The Good Brothers Claim They Attempted to Get the Trademark on Bullet Club

– During a previous edition of Busted Open Radio on January 13, The Good Brothers and former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows discussed how they previously tried to obtain the Bullet Club trademark. Currently, NJPW owns the name and stable. Below are some highlights from The Good Brothers (via Fightful).

Karl Anderson on how they almost got the Bullet Club trademark: “They didn’t at first, me and Gallows almost got it. We almost got a hold of the trademark, we might not have ever been booked again, but we almost got ahold of it. New Japan did get ahold of it. I don’t know if they realized how big it was going to be.”

Gallows on finding out NJPW had it: “I’m still the current owner of the Biz Cliz trademark. We searched [Bullet Club] one day and went, ‘Holy s***, [NJPW] just got it three weeks ago.’”

Anderson on losing money attempting to trademark it: “We tried to get it on a fake trademark site and we lost money. We tried to bootleg it. Now we tried to trademark everything and we’re getting bills for $5,000 a week.”

Gallows on trying to use carny moves to get it: “Before we got a real trademark lawyer, we tried every carny move we could to trademark it.”

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