The Dark Order Give Hangman Page Their Numbers In Newest Being The Elite (Recap)

The newest edition of Being the Elite is available, and it features The Dark Order becoming friends with Hangman Page, Matt Hardy looking for new talent, and much more. Here are the highlights:

* Matt and Nick Jackson want to know what happened with The Good Brothers being slow to help them after being attacked on AEW Dynamite. It turns out they both had to make a stop in the bathroom before hitting the ring.

* Matt and Nick are on a flight with their parents on the way to AEW Dynamite, and then they take a picture in front of the AEW truck in Jacksonville.

* Kenny Omega plays Street Fighter II against two store owners and beats them both.

* Brandon Cutler isn’t a fan of his coffee, and The Bunny sprays something in his drink when he turns away. The Blade enters and tells Cutler someone is calling for him backstage, so Cutler leaves. The Bunny gets pissed.

* Matt Hardy with Isiah Kassidy and they discuss Hangman Page wanting to take his first quarter earnings. Hardy also tries to offer his services to a referee backstage.

* Hardy and Kassidy find TH2, and Hardy pays them for their help. Jack Evans says it’ll be double the pay next time. Hardy then tries to sign them up for his managerial services.

* The Young Bucks offer Cutler a match on Dynamite after his help. Matt says it’ll be against Jack Swagger, and then Nick corrects him to say Jake Hager. Cutler is fired up.

* The Dark Order is in their hangout, and they talk about Hangman Page and how much sex he probably has. They start a ‘Hangman fucks’ chant before he shows up. Evil Uno wants Page to at least be their friend, and he agrees and asks their for their numbers. They give him their Dark Order numbers, but he wants their phone numbers. Dark Order then follow Hangman to the bathroom.

* Sammy Guevara hypes his upcoming BTE title defense on his vlog wearing nothing but the championship around his waist.

* Cutler is once again sleeping in a public place.

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