The Bushwhackers Talk Working With Carlos Colon

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, The Bushwhackers spoke about working with Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico and Colon’s idea to get them heat. Here are highlights:

Luke on how they got heat in the feud with Colon: “It was real crazy mate. I’m just going to give for instance. You know, before we did a lot of angles, the first one we did, we were brought in and we had never been to Puerto Rico. This was 1980. And the promoter was the Hulk Hogan of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean: Carlos Colon. His sons have been in WWE and all that. You know the storyline. He said, ‘Show starts at 8:30, I’m going to be signing in the lobby at 7:30. You usually come in the back door, but this time I’m going to have people drive and pick you up and bring you to the front of the building, and you guys come in through the front.’ We had a flagpole, and it wasn’t copper, it was steam pipe. Steam pipes, they’re pretty heavy, and they have a knuckle in the middle where you can screw it, because we carried it in a pouch. The piece was about three feet long. So he said, ‘I want you to come to the lobby and f–king burst through the people. Now, he was signing free photos. Carlos, on this fight, everyone that came in and bought a ticket got a free photo. And he was signing there, we burst in there, and split the flagpole in half and beat him to death. There was blood on the walls, everything. The ambulance come and took him, and they called for an ambulance, and security come and got us off of him. We went to the back after that. We were the main event that night. The main event was Carlos Colon and the Invader, Invader 1, who was the #2 babyface on the island. So Carlos was taken away in an ambulance. And then come to the match, you know, Invader come out, he says, ‘blah blah blah, I’m going to do this on his own.’ They told him not to do it, and he says, ‘I got to do it, because these pigs have come in here and they’ve done a disgrace. They disgraced our main guy’ and all that bloody s–t. We started working with him in the ring, finally we got him down and we bloodied him up and all that, and then all of a sudden, an ambulance pulled into the back of the arena, and out of the passenger seat Carlos got out with a f–king axe handle and hit the ring. The f–king people went mad. We took one or two shots just to shock, and kind of dodge so we kept our heat. That was our first time in Puerto Rico.”

Butch on the dangerous setting of their matches: “As you know, very very violent place,” Butch said. “Most of our matches, big matches that they had, were in ballparks, and they don’t have no ringside. Up in front of the whole of the stands are these huge, big nets. So what they do, they get the cups which they have their beer or their drinks in, they fill them with either stones or ice, pack them down, and throw the cups in the ring. That’s how crazy they were. So they had to put this huge big net up in front of the grandstands, huge grandstands, and they still throw them over the top and would get us now and again. But because they had no ringside, it was the only thing that’s saving your a–, because many times when we were there, we had to fight our way to the ring. The match was blood and guts. And then we’d have to fight our way back out through the ring because the crowd would get in somehow. They’d have all these security guys around the ring with shields, badges, big face guards on them and everything. As soon as those Puerto Ricans got hot, they would say, ‘Get out of the way or we will kill you.’ And the guards would take a step back, and so we were theirs. The only thing that saved Luke and I many times, as well as ourselves, was the boys would come out of the dressing room and help us to fight our way back. Time after time after time.”

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