The Bushwhackers on WWE Removing Luke’s Royal Rumble 1991 Elimination From Promos

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famers, The Bushwhackers (Luke and Butch). During the interview, they discussed Luke’s infamous four-second elimination from the 1991 Royal Rumble match, where Luke was tossed out and he did the Bushwhacker march all the way to the back. Below are some highlights of The Bushwhackers from

Bushwhacker Luke on Butch still being mad about his quick elimination being removed for Rumble promos: “Butch is still mad. I am still too because Vince stopped putting us on the promo for Royal Rumble 2018. 2018 was the last time that they had me marching in and out of the ring, the four seconds thing. In 2019, 2020, he never showed me, not in 2021 [or] the pre-shows. He never uses that anymore. He stopped that at 2018, but he kept playing that from the year it happened to 2018, and another thing on that, Butch was still pissed off. He was in for 25 minutes. I was in for four seconds, and we both got the same payoff.”

Butch on telling Luke to keep marching after he was eliminated: “And I was the guy that told him to keep marching. I said, ‘Just keep marching and march your way back to the dressing room.’ They used to say to us, ‘Which one? Which one of you two was the one that walked in and walked out?’ They’ll never forget that, never. It’s amazing. A simple thing like that that’s gotten recognized over guys that were in the ring for half an hour busting their butts.”

Luke on promoters still asking him to do that spot where he marches to the back: “Believe it or not, in 2010, I worked in Puerto Rico, and I didn’t wrestle because I was running the company for IWA. From 2010 onwards, I’ve been booked on independent shows, and they’ve asked me, ‘Could you come in and do what you did for Vince?’ I just got booked for that. March in and march back out for a payoff.”

Butch on how The Bushwhackers are feeling now: “We were in the Shearing Shed back there in the Old Country Farm. They did a lot of repairs on us. We got a few new joints. We got a few new parts. We got a little bit of oil. We got a little bit of polish, and boy oh boy, they made us into nearly new again and then we went out there. We chased a few wooly sheep, and Luke was after Molly, Dolly, Holly and Lolly. And he was catching them all, and when he caught the last one, he knew he was ready. I’m still down to my last one. So I am so close. It’s unreal, but those wooly girls, boy, are they pretty over here in New Zealand.”

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