The Ascension’s Konnor on Their Last Run on TV With Breezango, Attention for the Fashion Files Skits

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed former WWE Superstar and The Ascension member, Konnor, who discussed the team’s final WWE run on TV, including the skits the Fashion Files skits they appeared in with Breezango. Below are some highlights from

Konnor on The Ascension’s last run on TV: “You could tell we were having fun. It was refreshing. When you build a relationship with people you specifically love to work with, it makes it that much better. Johnny Curtis [Fandango], Tyler Breeze, and us, we all grew up together in the developmental system. Me and Mike Knox actually took Fandango off the streets and into our house. We were always big supporters of him. You build this camaraderie, and when you get the opportunity to work together, it makes things so much better,” added Konnor.

On one of the Breezango skits: “I remember Dango going, ‘well boys, this is the one that’s gonna sink the ship.’ But we did the skit anyway, and it ended up making national headline news. It was the one where I was pouring syrup on the wall, Breezy started pouring mud out of a coffee mug or something. I couldn’t believe the segments were getting so much attention.”

On the reaction to the skits: “Once we got attention, things started getting a little awkward because a lot more people wanted to be involved. You could see when it went from fun to just pushing away a little bit, it didn’t feel organic anymore. That was because people wanted to put their hands into it. That’s when it dissipated and that was a bummer.”

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