Teddy Hart Is Back In Jail Again

Teddy Hart is currently being housed in the Tarrant County Correction Center in Fort Worth, Texas on various charges.

Hart was originally arrested and charged for “injuring a disabled person, evading arrest, and being in possession of a controlled substance” back in 2016. His records show he was also arrested on these same charges back in October and now again on February 10th, 2021. This likely means he has been arrested for violating the terms of his release on these charges.

The ever-useful Twitter account “@IsTeddyHartinJail” has been providing updates:

Teddy Hart has had many legal challenges over the years. He was arrested and charged with DUI, evading arrest, and auto theft in 2017. Hart was also arrested on sexual assault charges in 2014 but those charges were dropped in 2016.

He was arrested for possession and intent to sell or distribute a schedule III substance around this time last year in Virginia. A few weeks later he was arrested again for violating his house arrest. Then a few weeks after that, he was arrested for the 3rd time in under a month for strangulation resulting in wounding/bodily harm stemming from a domestic abuse incident.

He would later release a YouTube video talking about those arrests.

“When I went to go pick up some weed, I guess my license plate, which we have already knew had someone else’s name on it. I tried to explain to the officer that it’s already been taken care of. The officer said there’s nothing he could do about it and searched the car and needed to impound the car because the car came up as not mine and the registration [didn’t match] the license… While they were searching the car, they found some steroids, and they found some weed. Those are both charges and now I’m sitting in jail waiting,” Hart said.

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