Tama Tonga Says AEW-NJPW “Forbidden Door” Is Not Wide Open

Tama Tonga recently addressed Kenny Omega and the Bullet Club reunion angle in AEW and Impact. Tonga was on his “Tama’s Island” podcast and addressed the angle as well as KENTA showing up on Dynamite last week.

“I was so surprised, I didn’t no nothing, I didn’t know anything,” Tonga said about KENTA showing up on Dynamite.

“KENTA is there for one reason and one reason only, Moxley,” Tonga continued.

“That US title belt belongs to KENTA. That’s the only reason that he’s there.”

Tonga then continued to say he doesn’t believe reports about a working agreement between AEW and NJPW having been reached.

“That sounds like a lot of horses**t to me, man,” Tonga said about a “forbidden door” being opened.

“Is the door wide open? Hell no, the door is not wide open. Is it cracked open? Maybe, maybe this can be something but is it open? Hell, no.”

Tama would continue to say that the situation with Moxley and travel restrictions due to the pandemic are what led to the current situation with AEW and NJPW. He would say the situation could lead to the two organizations working together in the future, however.

“Can this lead to the door opening more? Yes, it’s like building trust.”

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