Synergy Wrestling, UWA Elite, & ECWA Introducing Cross-Promotional Territory Championship

A new cross-promotional championship has been announced by Synergy Wrestling, UWA Elite, & ECWA. The companies announced via The Wrestling Estate that they are introducing a new Territory Championship, which will be defended at all three promotions along with other promotions to be announced in the future.

The inaugural champion will be determined at the 25th annual Super 8 tournament, which takes place on May 1st in Morganville, New Jersey. Qualifying matches will go down at ECWA Night of Unusual Matches on April 3rd, UWA Elite Setting the Standard on April 17th, and Synergy April 24th show.

“It’s an opportunity for not just promotions, not just wrestlers, but for wrestling fans to really help bring together the independent wrestling circuit just a little bit closer under one tight-knit umbrella,” said Dave Swan, owner of UWA Elite.

“Fans are passionate and will follow wrestlers from promotion to promotion,” said Colin West, owner of Synergy. “A championship defended with the business in mind and not individual promotions in mind allows that championship to be for the wrestlers and for the fans. Multiple people and multiple promotions can come together to highlight a championship that can tell great stories from one show to another.”

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