Stipulation Announced For KOPW 2021 Match At NJPW Castle Attack

NJPW has announced the stipulation for the match between Toru Yano and Chase Owens at Castle Attack, which is for the provisional KOPW 2021 trophy. The match will be a ‘Yano Style Texas Strap Match’, in which both wrestlers will be tied together and whoever removes all four corner pads first wins. Yano won the vote with 74%.

After 20,270 votes were cast worldwide in the KOPW 2021 poll in advance of Castle Attack, rules for Toru Yano’s bout with Chase Owens have now been determined.

Toru Yano: YTR Style Texas Strap Match: 15,014 votes (74.1 %)

Chase Owens: Texas Strap Match: 5,256 votes (25.9%)

Chase Owens and Toru Yano will now officially clash in a YTR Style Texas Strap Match Saturday at Castle Attack!

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