Shayna Baszler Talks Why Not Just ‘Anyone’ Can Do BloodSport

WWE Superstar Shayna Baszler recently appeared on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. The former MMA fighter discussed a number of topics during her time on the show; including the concept of the BloodSport PPV and the WWE ‘lite’ version, RAW Underground.

Creator of the current run of BloodSport PPVs Josh Barnett has a unique relationship with Shayna Baszler. Both former fighters transitioned into pro wrestling from martial arts, and Barnett was one of the trainers, alongside Billy Robinson, who helped Baszler adapt her martial arts background into a career inside the squared circle.

Renee Paquette suggested during the podcast that she felt the now defunct RAW Underground was created ‘especially’ for Baszler.

Shayna Baszler on BloodSport/RAW Underground

Baszler replied and said that the concept of RAW Underground/BloodSport would’ve worked perfectly for her. “Obviously [it would have], with my martial upbringing and everything with Josh and Billy Robinson. [It was] Kind of that Pancrase/UWF-i style, that’s what Bloodsport and RAW Underground was I think.”

Shayna Baszler also noted how she believes not every professional wrestler is suited to the ‘faux shoot fight’ style. It was discussed during the podcast how Jon Moxley was a big part of the recent BloodSport PPV events, and Baszler said how it really does take a certain type of performer to pull off the gimmick.

“The difficult part is that, and I’m just speculating I’m not speaking for anyone, but just knowing how I trained for that style of professional wrestling? I don’t think you can grab just any pro wrestler nowadays, and just throw them into this and they know how to do it and make it look the way it’s supposed to look.”

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