Shane Helms Reflects on Receiving Heat for 2002 WWE Match With AJ Styles

– Earlier today, WWE Producer and former Superstar Shane Helms commented on the anniversary of his January 26, 2002 match against AJ Styles on a then episode of WWF Metal. You can view Helms’ comments below.

Shelms tweeted on how he did everything to try and get AJ Styles hired by WWE from that match. He also noted he received heat for letting an “unknown” do too much. Helms wrote, “I did everything in my power to get AJ hired at a time when WWE didn’t know about him. Even got heat for letting an ‘unknown’ do too much. I knew he was good even back then. And now he’s one of the best in the world. Incredible journey.”

Helms spoke more about what took place in that match in a past exclusive interview with the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast in May 2019.

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