Seth Rollins Sounds Off On Roman Reigns, Cancel Culture & Fatherhood

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins returned to SmacDown last week. The former Shield member went on hiatus in December to be with his wife Becky Lynch, who recently gave birth to their daughter, Roux.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump digital series, he discussed a variety of topics, including fatherhood and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Rollins says he’s a bit confused by the way some fans reacted to his return on social media. Apparently some people thought fatherhood would have softened him up, but that’s not the case.

“[Maybe they thought] I was gonna come back, I don’t know, softer, in some way, that I was gonna be a bit of a snowflake, that being a dad was gonna make me a wimp, or it was gonna give me less conviction and that’s just not the case,” said Rollins.

“I’ve got this beautiful baby girl, and she is now the motivation for everything that I do. So I gotta double down, I gotta work harder, I gotta grind deeper to get where I wanna go. I’m not gonna sit back and pretend like I’m gonna come back and be a big softie. No, I’m gonna come back and double down on my beliefs and my convictions, not for me, but for her.”

Seth Rollins on Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been on a tear over the past few months. Rollins says Reigns is “absolutely killing the game” and has finally doing things his way.

“He’s doing incredible things as the Head of the Table, the Universal Champion, representing SmackDown,” Rollins said of Reigns. “You know, as good as he can. It’s really an incredible thing to watch someone really take hold of their own belief system, of their own career.”

Roman Reigns is a guy who always ‘did the right thing’ and followed the path that was laid out before him in WWE, according to Rollins. That yielded mixed results, with fans rejecting him as the top star for several years.

“Now, he’s really marching to the beat of his own drummer. He’s really doing his own thing and it’s paying dividends. It’s like I said, you can’t back down when people want to push against you. That’s something that’s big in our society today, is people wanting to backtrack and not put their beliefs out there, cause they’re so afraid they’re going to get judged with this cancel culture that’s going on. You can’t do that. You’ve gotta put your foot down and move forward or no progress will be made.”

You can watch the full episode of WWE’s The Bump with Seth Rollins here:

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