Session Moth Martina Reveals She Suffered an Ankle Injury During an Entrance Years Back

– During the latest episode of the ROH Strong podcast, Session Moth Martina revealed a nagging ankle injury she’s had for the last seven or eight years that she suffered while dancing during her entrance and rolling on her ankle. It appears though the injury has finally healed and stopped bothering her over the last year. However, she is still scared if it will become an issue again. You can view an excerpt from Session Moth Martina below (via Fightful):

“Seven or eight years ago, in training, I jumped off the top rope and landed on my ankle really bad and it never healed right. I would do something and roll on it. I had my first hardcore match in my home promotion and it was the same week I was going to the States and Japan. I was doing Mania week and then flying to Japan. I did the hardcore match and rolled on it on my entrance. Not even during the hardcore match, where I took every bump, did thumbtacks, fire, staples to the head. I was dancing to the ring and rolled my ankle. Ever since then, it’s something where if I trip over it a little, it swells up. This last year, even though I’ve been running, it’s fine. My back is fine, my neck is fine. It’s amazing, but also makes me scared like, ‘Is it gonna hurt more after this?’”

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