Sean Maluta Recalls Reaching Out To AEW, How Dynamite Appearance Was Huge Step In His Career

Sean Maluta was recently interviewed by Fightful, and he discussed a variety of topics, including how he first got started working with AEW. Here’s what he had to say about working for AEW and appearing on Dynamite:

Sean Maluta on reaching out to QT Marshall to try to get work with AEW: “Well, man, the pandemic hit and just like everybody I was just out of a job. The independents was already slowing down for me before the pandemic hit, which was a little weird. But, I was just looking for the next step to take, just like everybody was. It just so happens I’m down here in Florida and working for NXT so much over the years has kept me living in Florida. So, I was looking for something different to do when it just so happens AEW was filming in Jacksonville.

“I believe that they went to Georgia for a little bit because they weren’t quite sure what they were going to do yet and then Jacksonville ended up being the landing spot. So, I kinda put two and two together and I was looking for a new opportunity in my career and the rest was history. I got in touch with QT [Marshall], just like a lot of other extras are doing right now, and he gave me the ball, but that led to something further which is me coming back weekly. Which is pretty cool for me.”

On getting the opportunity to work on AEW Dynamite: “Yeah, so I got my opportunity on Dynamite. It was the one-year anniversary on Dynamite. Got to get in there with Lance Archer. That was pretty cool. I don’t take things like that lightly. No matter if it’s a one-minute match or three-minute match. To me, that was a huge step in my career, jumping outside of the WWE box and doing something different. Like I said, that led to a whole bunch of matches that I’m currently doing on Dark right now. So far so good.”

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