Scott D’Amore On the Evolution of the X-Division, Its Importance to Impact

Scott D’Amore recently discussed Impact Wrestling’s X-Division and its evolution in a new interview. The Impact EVP spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard and weighed in on the hallmark division for the company, and you can check out some highlights below:

On how the X-Division has evolved over the years: “One of the concepts for the X-Division was, really go out there and feature that style that wasn’t getting top-level featured in a lot of places. Quite frankly, when I came to TNA Wrestling in 2003, the heavyweight division, the World Title division was still very much a conventional, traditional heavyweight style, and the X Division was that style at the forefront and as the often quoted, ‘It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits.’”

On the division blending into the World Title picture: “A great example of that is Rich Swann, who if we go back, 15 or even 10 years, probably would be one of the pinnacles of the X Division—but maybe not crossing into that World Title [division]. But in the world that we live in now, where people now respect athletes of all different sizes and varieties, you’ve seen the ‘traditional’ X Division Style basically move from just being in that division to basically being part of the World Title picture.”

On the importance of the X-Division to Impact: “I think there’s always going to be an ongoing discussion about what the X Division is. It’s such an integral and important part of our history, it’s something that we value greatly. I think you’re going to see—one of the staples of the X Division over the course of many of those formative years was the multi-man matches and not just 3-ways, but 4-ways, 5-ways, 8-ways, and some of these spectacles; that’s one of the things that the X Division was built on. If it can be done in a manner that shows proper respect and safety toward the competitors, I think that’s something we could look to start getting back to is some of that fast-paced multi-man style stuff.”

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