Sasha Banks Broken Skull Sessions Episode Premieres 2/21

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will be the next guest to appear on Steve Austin‘s “Broken Skull Sessions.” The episode premieres on Sunday, February 21st immediately following the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Banks recently took to Instagram to express her enthusiasm for the upcoming episode.

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions

Previous episodes of Broken Skull Session with Steve Austin have featured The Undertaker (2x), Goldberg, Kane, Big Show, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Mark Henry, Jerry Lawler, Kurt Angle, Drew McIntyre, and Banks’ longtime tag partner and rival, Bayley.

Banks also recently appeared on the Normal Not Normal podcast. During that interview, she spoke about how the reduced WWE travel schedule has been helpful to her and her career.

“I’m not just talking about in one state,” Banks says of the usual WWE travel schedule. “I’m driving five or six hours to different states every single day. But we’re not just talking about driving, I’m talking about flying as well – early in the morning – and I’m talking about wrestling too. I’m beating my body, jumping into a car, and driving five hours and getting to the hotel at maybe four in the morning. Sleep in until 12, work out, get your food, and doing the exact same thing. That will beat up your body.”

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