Saree Headed To WWE After Announcing Final Joshi Match

Joshi wrestler Saree is on her way to WWE. The 24-year-old signed with the promotion in February of 2020 but has been unable to report to the Performance Center due to the ongoing global pandemic. She is considered a standout star on the Joshi scene.

Saree sent out a Tweet confirming that her upcoming match for the SEAdLINNNG promotion on the 22nd will be her last bout before moving to the United States. She is expected to report to the WWE Performance Center after she does so.

In August, it was reported by Tokyo Sports that WWE would allow Saree to continue to wrestle in Japan while she waits out the travel band.

Like many Joshi wrestlers, Saree got her start at an early age. She was just 15 when she began performing for the World Woman Wrestling Pro Diana promotion. Saree is a 2x World Champion with the company and a 1x tag-team champion.

Saree spoke about moving to the United States and starting with WWE in the below video:

WWE is handling my schedule to move to the States. Their initial plan was for me to be training over there already but look at the circumstances around the world… maybe best when the vaccine is developed rather than re-debuting with worries. I want to show my solid wrestling live without any anxieties.”

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