Ryback Claims Mark Henry Lied About Him, Says He’s Getting Death Threats Over It

We reported earlier this month that Ryback and Mark Henry have traded several shots at each other, which started when Ryback referred to wrestling titles as “props” and Henry took exception. Eventually Henry accused Ryback of being difficult to work with and dangerous, while Ryback claimed Henry was lazy. Earlier this week, he accused Henry of slander and said he was considering legal action.

In the latest post on Twitter, Ryback continued to say Henry lied about him and claimed he was now getting death threats.

He wrote: “Can’t thank @bustedopenradio enough for giving @themarkhenry a platform to completely lie on behalf of @wwe Receiving death threats and messages of intent to harm me and my family in 2021 is no joke. Fucking disgusting what you guys have provoked with this.

He added in response to fan: “One is telling the truth 100% and the other is lying out of his ass representing one of the most evil companies and owners on the planet. Tough choice Jeff, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

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