Ryback Claims He’s Going Speak With His Attorney on ‘Outright Slander’ by Mark Henry

As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and former WWE Superstar Ryback recently had a public war of words. Henry was angry with Ryback calling wrestling titles “props,” and he stated that Ryback had a reputation of being difficult to work with and dangerous. Yesterday, Ryback posted a tweet that he plans on consulting his attorney on options against what he calls “outright slander” by Mark Henry when he made his statements on Busted Open Radio.

Ryback tweeted, “Going to be speaking with my attorney concerning my options for the recent @wwe @themarkhenry @bustedopenradio situation of outright slander. Luckily enough people know me to know the truth, but can’t sit back and allow WWE to further do this. Thanks for the support.” You can view Ryback’s tweet below.

On January 18, Ryback posted a tweet on Mark Henry, writing, “I’m also going to say this. @themarkhenry was asleep in Gorilla prior to our WM Match. A producer came over to me and said “good luck working that fat piece of shit” Mark didn’t want to spend a lot of time coming up with a good match and we got what we got. #Facts” He later deleted that tweet.

Additionally, the Cornell Law School website legally defines “slander” as “A false statement, usually made orally, which defames another person.” Also the website noted that damages from slander are not presumed and have to be proven by the suing party: “Unlike libel, damages from slander are not presumed and must be proven by the party suing.”

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