Ryan Nemeth Slams Dolph Ziggler Fans

Ryan Nemeth wrestled Hangman Page on Dynamite this week. Nemeth is the younger brother of WWE‘s Dolph Ziggler. The Nemeth brothers have been sharing a few interesting interactions on social media relating to Ryan’s AEW debut over the last few days.

It started when Dolph requested that people not watch his brother’s match:

Then when someone remarked to him that his brother “killed it” on Dynamite, Ziggler had the following response:

Ryan then took issue with Dolph Ziggler‘s fans.

“I have no problem with you (even tho Mom & Dad play favorites) but I do have a problem with deranged Dolph Ziggler “fans” who are too stupid / mentally dense to know if they’re supposed to like me or hate me, stumbling over their own shoelaces to defend you. THAT is pathetic,” he Tweeted at his brother.

Ryan also noted that he will delete Twitter if he receives any more messages calling him “Baby Dolph.”

“If one more person calls me Baby Dolph I will delete this app from my phone,” Ryan Tweeted. “Not playing.”

Dolph then casually revealed when his contract is up.

Ryan also recently Tweeted out a link to a short film he did with his brother.

Dolph also posted this zinger directed at his younger brother:

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